Golden Slam - Graham Slam 60ml-100ml [Clearance]

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Golden Slam by Graham Slam E Liquid is a spot on, carbon copy recreation of one of your own top choice cereals with a savory, sweet graham cracker style flavor paired with cold, refreshing milk. Everyone knows how awful it is when you pour yourself a bowl of scrumptious cereal just to have it get soggy within minutes and it really isn't very travel friendly. Now every inhale you take is going to taste as fresh and crisp as it would right out of the box. This blend in particular is really something special, it's going to have that nostalgia flooding back to you after the very first time you get the slightest scent of it.

Primary Flavor: Graham Cracker, Cereal, Milk

PG/VG: 30/70

Available in 60ml or 100ml bottles


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